The Capp family - photo by Emma Norton

The Capp family - photo by Emma Norton



I'm a strengths-based coach working from Colorado. My background is in theater production management, writing, education, creativity, and video production.

As you begin your search for a coach who is right for you, my best advice is to choose someone who you genuinely like and look forward to talking to. But don't look for a friend - you need someone who will challenge you to grow! And who knows, maybe I'm it!


21 Random Facts About Me

  1. My strengths are Strategic, Achiever, Communication, Individualization, and Empathy.

  2. I live with my husband Ryan, two dogs and 15-year-old son Ethan; Sophie, 22, is a graduate of Colorado College and making her way in the film world. Ben, 19, is a student at Carleton College. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about them.

  3. My dad wanted to name me Redwing Shining Star. My smart mother got a dog and named it Star.

  4. When I was a kid, my favorite thing was to perform plays. I always had to talk my sister into doing it with me, and she would only perform if she could be the beautiful princess and I always had to be the troll (Rumpelstiltskin appeared to be our only production.) The outfit for the troll was, strangely, a plastic white purse with fringe that went on my head and tied around my chin with the handle with the fringe hanging down in front of my forehead.

  5. My first car was a Subaru Brat. I was pretty sure I was really really cool. I really wasn't.

  6. When I started as an undergrad at Colorado College, I came from a high school with 19 people in my graduating class, and my greatest worry was figuring out where I was going to empty my trash can.

  7. If I could do any job I wanted with no regard to lifestyle or income, I'd be a Broadway singer. I have no skill, but this is a dream, right?

  8. I'm an avid knitter, and all of my loved ones have at least one pair of these really comfortable felted slippers that are knitted HUGE and then shrunk in the washer to mold to your foot. I stopped keeping track, but I'm going to guess I've made at least 128 pairs.

  9. I'm most proud of my family. I was so lucky to be born into a creative, loving environment and had an idyllic mountain childhood. We've tried to recreate that for our kids.

  10. I'm bad at math and science. Like, really bad. I will never forget once in high school chemistry when I wasn't paying attention and the teacher (Mr. Hartung!) asked me what other kind of oils came from the earth. Geology unit. In a panic, I said, "Well, of course vegetable oil." Ugh.

  11. I wish I could raise and train dogs. I'd like to be one of those people with something like 10 dogs in my house, all beautifully behaved and never shedding. And my house would never smell like dog. And there'd be someone to pay to pick up all that dog poop.

  12. I had braces for 10 years. After pulling 4 permanent teeth and saying I'd be out of braces before high school, ortho put braces on. Six years later they came off, then I had jaw surgery when I was 16 and my jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks. I couldn't fit strawberry seeds between my teeth, and believe me I tried. Then braces back on for 4 more years. Then everybody kinda gave up and here we are.

  13. I wish that eating a whole bucket of that cheese popcorn that turns your fingers yellow made me feel just as good as eating a salad.

  14. I think I've had seven official, separate careers so far in my life. Five additional endeavors I would just call jobs. All who wander are not lost. Just saying.

  15. Something strangely formative happened when I was first watching episodes of Friends (back in the dark ages when I was watching it, there was no binge watching; we had to wait for a new episode every week and a new season every fall) - I can produce more quotes from that show than any other. I try to keep it in my own brain, but I often have a quote for any given scenario.

  16. I know all the words to The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

  17. I have a sous vide machine and I have no idea how to work it.

  18. I love movies. Love love movies. Except horror movies. AND popcorn. Popcorn is my desert island food - so put those things together, and I'm in heaven.

  19. I sneeze a lot of times when I sneeze. Dangerous when I'm driving.

  20. I once got out of a speeding ticket because I was super pregnant and was having very mild contractions. The officer was so nervous about dealing with a pregnant lady that he gave me his card and let me go. Three weeks later I sent him a baby announcement and a thank you.

  21. In second grade, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered that I wanted to be the first female president. She laughed and said she hoped we wouldn't have to wait that long. Still waiting.