Accountability Coaching

Accountability coaching has a different structure to it than “regular” coaching. The focus here is on goal setting and getting it done!

This packages is for you if:

  • You'd love to have someone working with you just like a really good manager, but for all aspects of your day; someone who asks what went well, what didn't, and how you can improve next time.

  • You have a big task ahead (writing that book, job hunting, or building a business) and need someone to help you identify next steps and clear some of the roadblocks that are keeping you from being fully engaged and successful.

  • You know you operate best with regular check-ins - you have a tendency to get more done when someone else is going to keep you accountable!

This packages is not for you if:

  • You're very self-motivated and don't need someone to fill this role in your life.

  • You need this, but you'd just be really annoyed by it and it's not worth it to you. As your coach, I’m perhaps a little pushier than with regular coaching; prepare to be challenged if your goals haven’t been met. Your friends can tell you that you deserve the night off and another glass of wine - I’ll ask why it didn’t get done and what’s holding you back. Consider The Basics package to go for something a little more exploratory.

Starts with two one-hour sessions, and then weekly 1/2 hour check-ins that keep you on track and accountable.

Starter package $529, 6 sessions

Renewal package $389, 6 sessions

This program may have scholarships available; click here to apply.