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Welcome! I'm Maria Capp, owner of Momentum Enterprises, where creating meaningful work you love and maximizing your strengths is key.

Here you'll find some free resources and my services; feel free to stay awhile and explore.

I imagine a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single morning inspired to go to work and come home fulfilled by the work they do. I believe that loving our jobs is a right, not a privilege. What makes us love our jobs is not the work itself, but how we feel when we’re there.
— Simon Sinek
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For Individuals

Looking for motivation, identifying strengths, presentation coaching, or just need help making a plan? Lots of plans to choose from.

For Businesses

Great strengths-based team building to move any organization forward, or presentation coaching for individuals or small groups. 



For Friends and Family

Strengths-based learning with people you love.