Momentum Coaching

All of these packages are by phone or Zoom/FaceTime/Skype unless you're in the Colorado Springs area and would like to do face-to-face coaching. 


Trial Session

This 30-minute session gives you a sense of my style and what coaching looks like.

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StrengthsFinders Session

Includes StrengthsFinders as a pre-assessment. This 90-minute session explores your top 5 strengths, how the combination makes you who you are, and how to use them for good. 

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Just the Basics

Four 80-minute sessions to get you moving forward.

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Coaching + Check-ins

Nine sessions every other week for 50 minutes each - plus alternate weeks of email updates and reviews. 

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The Works

Unlimited access to your coach! Up to three 90-minute sessions each month plus unlimited email check-ins and texting available during regular business hours. 

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Accountability Coaching

Employing a slightly different style than regular coaching, this option begins with two one-hour sessions, and then weekly 1/2 hour check-ins that keep you on track and accountable.

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